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Rhythm Dragons / Detroit Underdogs / S.G.S. $5
Sunday, June 24, 2012 at 10pm
Rhythm Dragons / Detroit Underdogs / S.G.S. $5 10pm

The Rhythm Dragons are Arizona's own hollow body blasters, playin' Rockabilly & big bottom instrumentals. The band celebrates it's 10th Anniversary this year releasing their 9th CD, "Chomp Chomp Chew Chew"! Arizona's finest Rockabilly band with one of AZ's premier Rockabilly guitarist

What makes the Rhythm Dragons rock? The incredible rhythm section of; the cat on bass, Josh Gihle and Arizona drumming legend Chris Thunder Redfield! This scorchin’ rhythm section has fuel injected life into the draggin’ machine. Check out Josh and Chris's MySpace pages for more information on these two rockin' cats!

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