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Extra Life / Crappy Future / Nebula Smile / Jumana K Rz $5 9pm
Saturday, July 28, 2012 at 9pn

Since 2007 Extra Life have challenged and uplifted the underground music scene with their dark, dramatic, unclassifiable blend of pop, prog, metal, classical, experimental and ancient folk aesthetics. The group was founded by singer Charlie Looker after his departure from influential New York noise-chamber group Zs and his brief stint with the Dirty Projectors. For Extra Life, Looker brought together a quintet of diverse talents from the Northeast avant rock scene: drummer Nick Podgurski, formerly of Yukon; violinist/guitarist/producer Caley Monahon-Ward of Snowblink; saxophonist/keyboardist Travis Laplante of Little Women; and bassist Tony Gedrich of Stats.

Extra Life’s 2008 debut Secular Works (Planaria/LOAF) was met with wide critical acclaim both at home and abroad. The band toured twice in the U.S. and then in Europe, performing at festivals including Primavera Sound (Barcelona), Villette Sonique (France), Moers (Germany) and Kilbi (Switzerland) alongside Sonic Youth, Sunn 0))) and Deerhunter. In 2010 Extra Life released their second full-length Made Flesh (LOAF), a concept album about weightlifting, spirituality and death. Earning many new devout fans and a few impassioned detractors, Extra Life toured both the U.S. and Europe again. This was immediately followed by the release of Splayed Flesh (Sockets), an EP of remixes including Justin Broadrick and Tyondai Braxton.

2011 sees Extra Life pared down to a trio of Looker, Monahon-Ward and Podgurski, while they also expand their sonic range. The more synth-heavy and pop-oriented EP Ripped Heart (Last Things/LOAF) will be released on April 5. The band will tour Europe, playing the Impetus and La Terra Trema festivals, and sharing several shows with Deerhoof. In the summer Extra Life will tour the entire U.S. alongside Parenthetical Girls.

Crappy Future - Another one of Ben Audette & Scotty Iulianelli's projects making their name known in the metro Detroit region. Many know these boys from Bars of Gold & formerly of Bear vs. Shark. Crappy employs some new tricks, catchy synthesized vocals, wild drumming, and some different instrument use. Can anyone say omnichord!?

Nebula Smile - Justin Krolczyk and Tyler Bowen, a spastic two-piece, make up Nebula Smile. The group is fairly new having only been working and writing over the last year. The two friends have been in and out of bands both together and separately for years and have finally come together again to create their most jarring of tunes. Wild riffs and interesting song construction will make these guys an exciting watch.

Jumana K Rz - A "trashier thrashier" side of our friends from the gnarly electronic Detroit act DEASTRO, Randy Chabot & Gustav Brovold.

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