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Ed Schrader's Music Beat / Lord Scrummage / Tunde Olaniran $7 9pm
Tuesday, August 21, 2012 at 9pm
Before Ed Schrader’s Music Beat, the project was just Ed Schrader with a floor tom. A 10” from four years back documents ... more this era. In 2009 Devlin Rice joined Ed for a one-off show. This mind meld took the left field paranoid pop that Ed was composing and added a powerful low end power chug from the jug of eternal rock and raised the whole project a more visceral live experience. 

Psychedelic Techno from Detroit's scene maker  collective Lord Scrummage 

stylistically and vocally unfettered, and well-equipped with old-school flow and R&B chops, Tunde Olaniran’s got a classic sensibility. However, he points it in all in the direction of the future with riveting delivery and never glances backward. Part of the futuristic feel comes from his stripped-down, D.I.Y. approach. It feels raw and new because there’s never anything between you and the song. Oh, and the lyrics are deep ...

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