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Tyvek / Wet Hair / Nu Sensae / Estrogen Highs $6 9pm
Monday, August 13, 2012 at 9pm

Named after a popular brand of synthetic home-siding, Detroit lo-fi garage rockers Tyvek started gaining recognition in 2008 alongside fellow noise poppers Vivian Girls, Times New Viking, and Eat Skull. After recording a multitude of singles and 7"s for the labels X, What's Your Rupture, M'Lady's Records, S-S, and Subpop, the band took a year to record their first full-length, which was scheduled for release on Siltbreeze in spring of 2009. The band's release date was postponed for undisclosed reasons and the band underwent a name change (likely pressured by the threat of copyright infringement from Dupont); switching to TVK and Tijvek before settling on Tvyek. The band ramped up in 2010, releasing the demo LP Skyin and their first album for In the Red, Nothing Fits. ~ Jason Lymangrover, Rovi

With their recent split with Naked on the Vague acting as a dip into pop's waters; Wet Hair's follow up, In Vogue Spirit is practically a jump into the pool. The band's most accessible batch of tunes to date boil with Krautrock rhythms, buzzing synths, and a new focus on vocals that has previously been mostly absent in the band's back catalog. It's not all motion and melody here though, the band still retains their experimental spirit, giving the record plenty of teeth to sink into any of those rising hooks. Along with contemporaries Lumerians and Moon Duo; In Vogue Spirit stands to gain a pretty solid footing in 2011's nod to the German progressive underground. The video for "Echo Lady" conveys the band's psychedelic aesthetic with shifting shots of glare and kaleidoscopic nature walks.

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