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Terrible Twos / Foreign Mothers / Dead Space $5 9pm
Monday, July 23, 2012 at 9pm
Terrible Twos - Hi Tek Punk Guys

New LP "Horror Vacui" coming soon on Urinal Cake Records
New Split 7" With Skate Laws out sooner on Haunted Cave Records
... ---------

Foreign Mothers - Cool Angular Post-Punk From Austin, TX by way of their mothers' respective foreign uteruses. Ladies who shred, think Kleenex/Liliput. Gang of Four, Bikini Kill, The Mob (UK) etc. etc.

New Album "DUH" out soon on Threadpull Records - Preview Here!


The Dead Space - Also Cool Post-punk/no wave outta Austin TEE EX. Also on Threadpull Records. Think Joy Division, Section 25, Lost Sounds, Factory Records, Contortionists, DNA.

Get a Listen Here: (track 13, dummy.)

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