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The Dales Robertson Blues Band / Jeff Grand & the Grandmasters / Peter Schuyff 5$ 9pm
Friday, August 03, 2012 at 9pm

Dale is an experienced musician, having played harmonica for about forty years now. At age fourteen, Dale was forced out of his home by his stepfather and left to live on the streets. He was given a harmonica by a fellow street person as a tool for earning spare change. Since then, Dale has played every day. In the early days it was a way to earn money for sustenance and his way of making friends. 

Dale learned some of his chops from Peter "Madcat" Ruth. Dale used to practice on the “Diag”, in the campus of the University of Michigan. Madcat would bicycle by, pull out a harp, and play a riff for him to practice. 

When he was 16, Dale met James Cotton at a club in Ann Arbor. They hung out together when James was in town and from him Dale learned a great deal. 

The harmonica has been like a good friend, says Dale. He has traveled back and forth across the United States playing his harp. It has taken him around the world, to Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Mexico, and the Philippines.

Jeff Grand  fell in love with the blues at an early age.  As member of Sulleys house band he got to play with the likes of Pinetop Perkins, Hubert Sumlin and many more greats. In the 80's he played with Bootsey X and the Lovemasters, with the Howling Diablos for 12 years (thier original guitarist), with Detroit blues legends The Butler twins for 11 years,  Uncle Jessie White for about 15 years and with Uncle Kracker on the road for several years.
Currently Jeff Grand is in The Detroit ditch diggers and his own band The Grandmasters. He has one solo album out and another on the way. The  band for the Lager House performance will consist of Johnny Miller on Stand up bass and Jeremy Kanouse on drums.

Peter Schuyff

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