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A Technicolor Yawn / 3FT / DarkRed $5
Thursday, August 09, 2012 at 9pm
In case you don’t know, the term “technicolor yawn” refers to colorful, projectile vomiting. Now, if this was a terrible band the association for the purpose of the article would be an all-too-obvious joke but given the fact that A Technicolor Yawn is fabulous, we must infer that the association is derived elsewhere. Perhaps we might suggest that the “spontaneous outpouring” can be aptly applied to both the band and the (hopefully not public) event.

While the music has a very post-punk feel that is both depressed and lively (the sound commonly associated with the Sub Pop movement of the late 80s and 90s) A Technicolor Yawn is in no way a throwback but instead very much in the present.

Jon Douglas is both vocalist and songwriter for the trio but it is the combination of the three that makes A Technicolor Yawn happen. John Schample on drums and Chris Dion on bass complete the ensemble. So while the songs might be penned by Jon, their manifestation is a joint effort described by Douglas as “an outgrowth of our personalities.”

Opting for an organic approach to music-making, the Jo(h)ns and Chris demure from the word “jam” as in “jam band,” the group is much more given to "improvisation." I would agree that they don’t have the jam band thing going in any sort of Phish fashion. Instead, A Technicolor Yawn adopts a more Sonic Youth approach, creating landscapes in noisy electricity. The music is something mellow and furious shaped in shadows, distortion, and a healthy dose of vintage pop to keep the spirits up. - by Carly Schorman

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