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Long Branch Ramblers (2 sets) wsg Alison Lewis $5 7pm
Monday, August 20, 2012 at 7pm

2 sets from Long Branch Ramblers at 8pm & 10pm w/ Allison Lewis in-between at 9pm

Long Branch Ramblers  - Old-Time and early Country Music from some of the funnest and finest musicians out there, with Ben Townsend (The Fox Hunt, Iron Leg Boys, Old Sledge) on banjo, fiddle, guitar, vocals, Aaron Lewis on fiddle, banjo, vocals and Sabra on guitar, feet and vocals.

Aaron Jonah Lewis is a multi-instrumentalist, performer and educator. Simply put, he's a fiddlin' and banjoin' genius. Aaron is well known for taking audiences at concerts and festivals by storm both in the USA, the UK and in Europe. He has won awards at the Clifftop Appalachian String Band Festival, including First Place Neotraditional Band in 2008, and at the Galax Old Fiddlers Convention, including First Place Bluegrass Fiddle in 2007, and he has performed at major festivals from the US to the UK and from Italy to Finland.

Sabra Guzmán has been a resident of the Virginia hills since 2007, where she has become a fully entrenched member of the burgeoning old-time and country music scene of the Appalachians and beyond. A founding member of the award winning old-time band Old Sledge, Sabra is well known for her solid guitar and bass skills, her unique vocal stylings, and her captivating stage presence.

West Virginia native Ben Townsend grew up amidst Hampshire County's rich musical heritage. At a young age he learned to play banjo and guitar in the old-time way. Encouraged by such local fiddlers as Paul Roomsburg, Joe Herrmann and Israel Welch, he has gone on to amass a great catalog of traditional fiddle tunes, banjo pieces and songs. At the Augusta Heritage Center in Elkins, West Virginia, Ben studied banjo with stalwarts such as Riley Bogus and Jimmy Costa. With the help of the Augusta Heritage Center's apprenticeship program, he went on to study the traditional fiddle styles of Central West Virginia and Kentucky.

Alison Lewis is a singer and songstress from Detroit, Michigan. Alison began singing and playing in coffee shops, on street corners, and dive bars many, many years ago. From Detroit to the Blue Ridge Mountains. From The Oregon Coast to Chicago. From Europe and the UK all the way up The Ute Pass to Green Mountain Falls, Colorado, and back to Detroit where she lives and plays now. Alison has performed at festivals, bars, around camp fires and far beyond

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