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Wiggle & Jam It Volume Three FREE 9pm
Tuesday, August 28, 2012 at 9pm
 The Boy Wonders 
The Boy Wonders are Detroit-based superheroes. They also make rock music. 

Michael Mars & The God Particle
In the beginning there was darkness. From this darkness an idea was born. Within an instant upon thinking of this idea, there was a flash. Bang!!! Within this flash there came light, (but still some darkness was present). An idea of sound, a new way. From these submatronic particles a band materialized...
A cosmic duo! Children of the sun! Sisters of solitude! Brothers of brilliance! Yes!!! Mother Earth spread her legs ounce more and shot her seed upon their grace. Henceforth they shall dominate this consciousness and create all new ones. Now is here, time was then. Let the sound of your new masters radiate your minds......

The Wire Eyes

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