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4th Annual Halloween Cover Show
Saturday, October 20, 2012 at 8PM
America’s favorite Halloween-cover-band party is back! See! Your favorite local shredders shred your favorite dinosaur jams! Hear!––them do that too... Here’s the gist if you don’t remember; it’s a fun time, local musicians get together and do 20 minute sets of their all-time favorite bands–in full costume. 2 nights, 10 bands per night, that’s like a million bands or something. No other metro-detroit bar’s Halloween-cover-band-night can compare: come to PJ’s Lager House for the real deal! 2 stages, free beer. I mean, cheap beer. And good food and liquor too, as always. Only $4 per night! So bring your friends so your friends on stage get some dough! We couldn’t price it any lower or offer you any a time more fun, so pull your ass off whatever you’re sitting on and rock and roll, dude. It’s a Tradition, Charlie Brown! 

This year's lineup (for Saturday):
Marilyn Manson (Mexican Knives), Pixies (Hit Society), Pink Floyd (Members of Frustrations and Beekeepers), Katy Perry (Citizen Smile), MC5 (Sugarcoats with Jeffrey Thomas of Gardens), Kitty Wells (Steve Shaw of The Fondas, Tiffany Gazic, Andrew Hecker of The Mythics, Maria Labellarte), Led Zeppelin (Loretta Lucas, Dave Vaughn, Vincent Mazzola, Joey Mazzola), Blondie (Kelly Jean Caldwell, Johnny Hentch of The Paybacks, Scott Dunkerly of Frustrations, Jeff F. of Timmy's Organism, Kit Sabo of Kommie Kilpatrick, Paul Cook), R. Kelly (Protomartyr).


Costumes are encouraged for people who aren't boring.

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