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Robert Fireball Mitchell w/ Rodney Henry - 6pm FREE - - - - - Nadir the Book of Jonah / Final Cue / DJ Psycho - Hosted by Emily Rogers - 9pm $5
Friday, October 05, 2012 at 9pm

Robert Fireball Mitchell - Country / Honky Tonk / Americana from Baltimore

Rodney Henry - Country / Folk /  Americana from the "pie man" who is apparently also "every women's dream". Maybe because he makes such delicious pies .... or is it his voice ... his looks ... ???

The music that flows from the mind and soul of Nadir Omowale simply defies genre classification. R&B, Rock, Funk, Hip Hop and Jazz are spun into such a heady mix through his recordings and performances, that the listener no longer has any interest in limits or labels.

A world traveler at an early age as a military son, raised in Tennessee and immersed in gospel and Nashville songwriting traditions, now steeped in the rich Motown, Rock, Hip-Hop and Electronic legacy of his Motor City home — Nadir’s musical influences are myriad and deep.

“Some of my earliest memories revolve around my family’s old console stereo,” says Nadir,  “My dad’s Curtis Mayfield and Al Green records, mom’s Aretha Franklin and James Cleveland, my brother’s P-Funk, Kiss and Van Halen albums — all fired my imagination long before I knew my ABC’s or could write my name.”

This heritage is evident in every note on The Book of Jonah, Nadir’s chronicle of 2012, and his third full-length album. The first single “Go It Alone”, released on 7-inch vinyl, is a covert soul mission that tiptoes through the blues, but infiltrates jazz and rock before it’s over. On the flipside “Love Thang” is a joyful, stomping, funk rock mash-up with gospel overtones and a smattering of DC go-go rhythms.

And that’s just the beginning of the party. With each page of The Book of Jonah, the award-winning songwriter fashions a lyrical narrative of love and loss, of fear and fearlessness, painted on a tapestry that weaves progressive soul with indie rock, twenty-first century blues, and new Detroit funk.

Nadir at St. Michael's We Care Telethon, Monroe, Michigan photo by Lindsay KingA patriotic citizen of planet earth, Nadir is always tuned into the global conversation of politics, culture and change. He developed a strong following amidst activists and tastemakers throughout the US, Europe and Canada while touring in support of his two earlier releases, Distorted Soul 2.0 (2004) and Workin’ for the Man (2008). Nadir is a fearless voice of reason and resolute advocate for positive change, who has earned tremendous respect from the broader artistic and cultural community.

Nadir’s music represents the evolution and celebration of an ancient blues credo, in that it tells stories from the heart, for the heart.  It is also a reflection of all that is funky and joyful. The soulful vocals wrap up the entire package for an unforgettable listening and live experience.  Join Nadir as he continues his journey down the road of honest and contemplative song crafting, conveying to us all just the right helping of magical, musical soul food at exactly the right time. But leave your boxes at home. You won’t need them.

“If Motown had never moved to L.A., this is what it would sound like today.”
- Jane Asher, Radio Sophie 103.7FM, San Diego, California -

“To label Nadir as a neo-soul artist would be neglecting his rock roots; to call him a rock artist would be overlooking his hip-hop and jazz influences. Fully encompassing all the talents that Nadir possesses would be comparable to expanding the mathematical term Pi to its last digit.”
- Contessa Porter, Michigan Chronicle, Detroit, Michigan –

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