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Anomalys / Memories / Cheetahs $5
Monday, October 08, 2012 at 9pm
The Anomalys (Slovenly Recordings, Garage Trash Rock and Roll):
Imagine a world in which Elvis was punk and hopped up on speed. Then give that jailbird an extra bit of upper lip snarl, and--uh huh baby--you got something akin to The Anomalys. With slapping bass lines, swing-esque motifs, and a frigid punk attitude, Anomalys produce a fierce hubbub of rock and roll primitivism. Guitars smolder with crushing, echo-frenzied grunts and wails, and the dumb-drums get pummeled into submission. Lead by a rasp-throa
ted screamer, these behemoths display utter rage. It’s garage-punk grease with nods to the snarling and surly side of ferocious punk legends.

The Memories (Burger Records/ Members of Guantanamo Baywatch, White Fang):
The Memories sound as if the The Feelies and The Delfonics had children, then left them to grow up alone in southeast Portland on a diet of sandwiches and skip school to produce short, sweet, sappy, self-loathing rock and rollish pop. A unique brand of stoner doo-wop, The Memories have been hailed for their ability to mesh punk, Motown (hey-o!), post-punk, and “whatever your parents slow danced to in high school”. With a hint of nostalgia that isn’t campy, they are a thesis statement that embodies a “drug-fueled philosophy of pretty girls atop a pyramid of friends, weed, skateboarding, pizza and weed.”

The Cheetahs (Detroit): 
Rough like that old pair of Creepers in your closet. The Cheetahs play like Marc Bolan would have if he rolled around in some muck, donned a few safety pins, and grabbed Joey’s mic down at the ol’ watering-hole known as CBGBs, and than sang in a sweet falsetto. 

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