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DeeCRACKS / Spruce Bringsteen / The McFlys 9pm $5
Monday, November 05, 2012 at 9pm
In times where youth culture is directed almost exclusively by record and fashion labels and the term "POP-PUNK" is firmly anchored in the mainstream, there are still always exceptions, that, despite the current bizarre trends, follow a clear line!

One of the few representatives of this "species" is originally from Klagenfurt, Austria - DeeCRACKS, which are, since their start in 2003, uncompromisi
ngly staying true to their vision of Rock’n’Roll!

Short and concise three chords power pop-punk rock songs, energetic live shows and the attribute of not to take themselves to seriously are in no doubt the roots of the ‘CRACKS’.

Spruce Bringsteen -  Beardo-ramones-midwest's-the-best-core

Born in a Michigan garage at the tail end of pop punk's "golden era" ('99/'00), The McFlys have continued to pay tribute to the inexhaustible sound made possible by The Ramones. We keep it simple, tight and louder than all hell. Upstrokes need not apply. If it's explosive three-chord rock n' roll you crave, we've got your fix. See you at the next dive! 1, 2, 3, 4 !!!

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