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The Reelers / Jeecy & the Jungle / Hit Society / American Hearts $5
Saturday, March 09, 2013 at 9pm
The Reelers are a 3-piece rock and roll band from Detroit, MI.

Jeecy and the Jungle is an experience, like defibrillation is an experience. Their live show is a train-derailing stomp that will make the young sweat and the thirsty convulse. 

They have an electric chemistry for artists thrown together by equal parts dare and lost wagers. On their influences, the band admits looting their parents’ and grandparents’ record collections, and every decade since the thirties.

FOR A BAND whose songs contain so few (rapidly) moving parts, Hit Society’s list of comparisons tends to take an array of twists. Turns. Maybe even the occasional triple-axel…

Kind of like the Detroit quartet’s first EP. Clocking in at 23.5 minutes, the ride between the opening chords of “Get Away” and the closing buzz of “Hey Hey” is no leisurely cruise down Woodward Avenue – it’s more like a pole-winning lap around the Michigan Speedway.

Then again, blazing speed seems to befit Hit Society. Seeing how the band didn’t play their first show until summer of 2011 – and their guitarist, bassist and drummer weren’t even living in Michigan in mid-2010…well, you get the idea. Things move quickly with these guys. And girl.

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